Out of Season

Seasonal gift from The Flower Pot in Montreal.

Here is where we park our out of season products from previous holidays and occasions. You are welcome to browse the category to sample each seasonal gift; however, these products are currently unavailable to order from this category.

Out of Season
Sunflower centerpiece for Rosh Hashanah
Sunflower Partysunflower and red berries45.00
Montreal sunflower arrangements of sunflowers and red apples.
Delicious ComboSunflowers + Apples59.00
Apple basket with fresh lilies.
Apples + Flowers45.00
Fresh fruit in a decorative gift basket.
Fruit Basket 55.00
White flowers in a vase.
White Flowers in Vase110.00
Flowering begonias in a terra-cotta pot.
Begonia in a Pot40.00
Potted chrysanthemum plant in Montreal.
Chrysanthemum Plant30.00
Birthday flowers in a vase.
Mixed Flowers in Vase55.00
Yellow daffodils for Easter flowers in Montreal.
Bouquet of Daffodils20.00
Easter arrangement of green and flowering plants.
Plant Basket50.00
White fall flowers for Montreal delivery.
White Flowers in Vase110.00
Sampling the Quebec ice cider at Domaine Pinnacle.
Quebec Ice Cider from Domaine Pinnacle0.00
Bouquet of 101 red roses
The Ultimate101 Red Roses555.00
Mixed bouquet inspired by the Montreal Jazz Festival.
Jazz Bouquet40.00
Hydrangea in bloom for Mother's Day
Hydrangea plant0.00
Unique buffet table arrangement with Birds of Paradise and traditional blooms.
Gerbera party Buffet Arrangement150.00
Happy Face Balloon & Floragramme greeting card
Happy Face Messenger (HFM)9.95
Table arrangement for a Montréal wedding.
Garden Arrangement75.00
White Roses in a blue vase.
Winter Roses60.00
Balloons and plants for Montreal delivery.
Balloon + Plant40.00
Chlorophytum - a popular hanging plant.
Hanging Plant55.00
A potted hydrangea plant in Montreal.
Four SeasonsHydrangea69.00
Mothers Day gift of roses, lisianthus and more..
Simple EleganceWhite flowers in glass bowl79.00
Rose gift of red roses in a square glass vase.
Rose CubismSix Roses in a Glass Cube55.00
Potted Easter tulip in Montreal.
Spring BasketTulips in a basket pot40.00
Romeo, our charming monkey toy.
Romeo the MonkeyStuffed Monkey24.00
Adoption certificate from your Montreal toy store.
Stuffed Animal SPCAStuffed Animal Adoption Certificate0.00
Sparkling firecracker flower bouquet for a Montreal birthday.
Firecracker FlowersSparkling Birthday Flowers100.00
Birthday flower cake made of daisies, roses, and glowing sparklers.
Party SparklerSparkling Flower Birthday Cake75.00
Flowering plant basket is one of our ideas for Mother's Day in Montreal.
Mom's basketDeluxe Garden125.00
Mother Day roses in a terra-cotta pot.
The Rose PotRoses in Terracotta85.00
Handmade Christmas chocolate in a decorative gift box.
Christmas ChocolatsTwo Dozen Chocolates49.00
Romantic gift with stuffed animal, red rose, and chocolate.
Love BasketStuffed Animal & Rose40.00
Bouquet of a dozen red roses.
Roses Galore12 Roses Bouquet69.00
Begonia in a Passover flower basket.
Begonia in BloomBegonia plant in clay pot35.00
Tiny, the daintest stuffed cat in Montreal.
Tiny the CatStuffed Kitten20.00
Quebec art for a unique Father's Day present in Montreal.
Proud fatherWooden Bird Sculpture99.00
Monochrome arrangement combining roses, lisianthus and much more.
Simple EleganceWhite Flowers in a Glass Bowl89.00
Stuffed kitten, mylar balloon, Montreal chocolates + flower.
Mulitple PleasuresGift Quartet59.00
Two dozen chocolates, mylar balloon and flower.
Two Dozen Chocolates + Balloon55.00
Two dozen birthday chocolates with a stuffed kitten.
Cocoa Cat24 Birthday Chocolates + Kitten65.00
Fall flower arrangement of colorful blooms.
Thanksgiving DinnerFall flowers and harvest wheat65.00
Montreal sunflower and apple arrangement in a terracotta pot.
Sunflowers and ApplesSunflowers49.00
Calla lily vase from your Montreal florist.
Mini Calla LiliesColourful Mini Calla Lilies in vase75.00
A Garden of Roses @ $79
A Garden of RosesArrangement of 9 roses79.00
Montreal Jazz Bouquet.
Jazz BouquetGerberas and Birds of Paradise99.00
Assorted flowers arranged for Father's Day
English GardenColorful floral arrangement89.00
Seasonal sunflower bouquet now ready for Montreal delivery.
Happy FlowersBouquet of Sunflowers49.00
Your favourite photo on a Valentine heart balloon.
Heart's DesireHeart Balloon and Flowers49.95
Let your photo on balloon speak louder than words.
Forever Yours Anniversary heart-shaped balloon28.95
White Christmas phalaenopsis orchid in a ceramic pot.
White ChristmasPhalaenopsis Orchid69.00
Oriental lily bouquet in a glass vase - The Flower Pot.
Liliya's LilyOriental Lily in Vase20.00
Ten white roses in a glass vase.
White RosesTen White Roses in Vase70.00
Sympathy wreath of lilies, roses, carnations, and greenery.
Still lifeNatural wreath200.00
Creative tulip presentation - The Flower Pot
Spring has sprungTulips and more49.00
Colorful spring tulips in a clear glass vase.
Colourful Tulips12 tulips in vase49.00
Baby footprint kit with a frame.
Leave an ImpressionFramed baby footprints57.00
Blooming begonia in our Montreal flower shop.
Blooming BegoniaBegonia in a Terra Cotta Pot53.00
Two dozen Montreal chocolate and stuffed cat.
Kitty's ChocolateChocolates + Kitten65.00
Gerbera in a bud  vase.
Simple PleasureGerbera in Vase20.00
Extravagant Heliconias for the Montreal International Jazz Festival.
Jazz It Up!The Large Montreal Jazz Bouquet89.00
Contemporary floral arrangement.
Avant-GardeLilies, Roses and Mollucellas80.00
Assorted roses in a glass dish.
Rainbow RosesNine Roses in a Glass Dish85.00
Tier wedding cake at a Montreal wedding reception.
Wedding Cake750.00
¢alla lily bouquet from your Montreal florist.
Art Deco LiliesCalla Bouquet95.00
Potted Cyclamen
Mediterranean BeautyCyclamen in Clay Pot59.00
Potted Cyclamen
Mediterranean BeautyCyclamen in Clay Pot59.00
Potted Cyclamen
Mediterranean BeautyCyclamen in Clay Pot59.00
Quebec chocolates and truffles for International Woman's Day.
Chocolatey ChocolateQuebec Chocolates20.00
Box of 24 chocolates made in Montreal.
La Dolce Vita24 Chocolates + Flowers159.00
Tulips in a bag
A taste of SpringTulips in a bag59.00
Order a funeral basket from your Montreal florist for delivery to any local residence or funeral hom
Tender BasketFlower-Filled Sympathy Flower Basket175.00
Grand Prix Flowers
Grand Prix Bouquetarrangement in a vase79.00
Montreal sunflowers in a vase.
Happy SunflowersSunflowers in a vase69.00
A vase of gladioli for summer flowers delivery.
Excalibur15 gladioli in vase69.00
Ten pink roses during November in Montreal.
Pink Pleasures10 Roses in Vase75.00
A bunch of gladioli for summer flowers delivery.
ExcaliburGladiola Bouquet 49.00