Silver Queen

The Silver Queen is one plant variety from the Aglaonema family, whose common name derives from the unique silver patterning of its leaves. This luscious house plant is generally an easy plant to care for, but should be kept away from windows to avoid bright sunlight in the summer and cool temperatures in
the winter. It should also be kept away from air conditioners, as the cool air can damage
its beautifully-colored leaves.

We have potted this durable plant in an attractive ceramic pot, making it an ideal house plant to offer
as a gift. Send it to a Montreal plant lover with
your message on a custom greeting card.
Type of variety may vary.

  • Aglaonema in 6" pot
  • Ceramic pot
  • 35cm x 30cm
  • 16" x 14"
  • Other sizes available upon request

Product Code: P Gre Aglao SB x

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