Quebec's Secrets
Chocolates + Ice Cider

For a gift with a distinctly Quebecois flavor,
consider these fine, handmade chocolates and award-winning ice cider, both produced right here in Quebec.

Critically acclaimed for its refined taste, each bottle of Domaine Pinnacle's ice cider is produced using a select blend of over 80 handpicked apples. To compliment the cider, we have included three bars of fine Quebec chocolates made by "Chocolats Montréal".
The handmade dark chocolate includes a bar of
85% extra dark chocolate, 70% Cortez cocoa chocolate, and 64% Guayaquil cocoa chocolate.

  • Ice Cider, 200ml
  • 3 dark chocolate bars 80g each, in satin pouch
  • Flower in a vase
  • White gift box
  • "Floragramme" greeting card

Product Code: E ChocCider 7992 dw

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