Modern Murals
Flush Mounted Acrylic

Acrylic Pictures are very durable. The inks are printed directly to the reverse of the acrylic sheet and cured in place, using ultra violet light. This process creates a modern product that can be displayed on walls of any kind under many different environments. Since you will not have to worry about moisture damaging your acrylic wall-art you will be able to place it in in-door bathrooms or out-door gardens.

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  • Acrylic print art at an affordable price
  • Flush mounted image on 2 cm (3/4 in) frame
  • Edges finished with black tape
  • Acrylic sheet: 0.3 cm (1/8 in) thickness
  • In-door and out-door durable
  • Wall mounting kit included
  • Custom sized images

Product Code: O Acry Flush

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