The Chinese Fan
Livistona chinensis Green Plant

Decorative fan-shaped palm SAVE text---- This Chinese Fan Palm has distinct foliage, which looks just as the name sounds. Large, bright green fan-shaped leaves radiate from their own small stalks. It requires more space than your average houseplant due to the large foliage and its spread. It prefers full sun, keep within 3 feet of a window and maintain a consistent temperature. Your plant will also enjoy a daily misting of water to help satisfy its humidity requirements. If the leaf tips turning brown, the humidity level is not high enough. It does require heavy watering, so be sure to keep the soil moist at all times, but do not over water. Spider mites can become a problem. If they appear, simply mist with a soapy water mixture twice daily until gone.

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  • Chinese Fan Palm
  • Fancy shiny cache pot 82 x 110cm
  • 33" x 44"

Product Code: Chinese Fan Palm 2384 M