Haute Couture Plant
Bird of Paradise Strelitzia plant

Decorators' dream plant-------------------- SAVE--SAVE--- This Strelitzia plant makes a statement with it's long green leaves is a designer's favorite plant. Choose one of our many fashionable cache pots and you have the perfect housewarming gift . Bird of paradise plants thrive in light, make sure they receive at least five hours of full sun per day. The amount of water a bird of paradise needs varies with the seasons. During the growing season, late spring and summer, the plant needs moist soil. Water it at least twice a week, sometimes three times a week. Spritz the leaves with water daily to maintain a level of humidity around the plant. In the winter the soil should be slightly drier, needing water about once a week. There's no need to spritz the leaves in the winter, but you can wipe them with a damp sponge when they become dusty. Fertilize every two weeks in the growing season and once a month when the plant is dormant with a basic 1-1-1 liquid fertilizer . . It is a low-maintenance, slow growing plant, sensitive to cold.

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