Ritz-Carlton Callas
Colorful Mini Calla Lilies Bouquet

Just like the famous Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Montreal, when it comes to classic and elegant, Calla lilies fit the bill. This bouquet is made up of distinctive purple mini Calla lilies which are easy to recognize because of their unique shape. The soft curve of the flowers adds romance to a modern arrangement. The Calla's lovely appearance and velvety texture make it the preferred wedding bouquet flower. Calla lilies are in season right now and come in a great variety of colours such as white, black, yellow, mango, pink and purple. Let our designers choose our best Calla lilies for your delivery
in Montreal.

  • Mini Calla lily, colors may vary
  • Aspidistra leaf
  • Bear grass
  • 40cm x 20cm
  • 16" x 8"

Product Code: F Bou Calla 06

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