Bookworm's Delight
Chocolates + Sparkling Ice Cider

Please someone with fine chocolates and sparkling ice cider from Quebec. Critically recognized for its refined taste, each bottle of Domaine Pinnacle sparkling ice cider is produced using a select blend of over 80 hand-picked apples.

The cider is complemented by three bars of fine Quebec chocolates made by Chocolats Privilège. They include a bar of 85% extra dark chocolate, 70% Cortez cocoa chocolate, and 64% Guayaquil cocoa chocolate.

  • Sparkling ice cider, 375ml
  • Three dark chocolate bars in satin pouch (Cortez 70%, Extra Dark 85%, Guayaquil 64%), 100 gr each
  • Flower in a vase
  • White gift box
  • "Floragramme" greeting card
  • Plate not included

Product Code: E Choc 3x+Cider

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