Leroy, the boxed Panther
Large Stuffed Panther in Box

This is Leroy, the most active of all our stuffed animals. He loves to play and pounce, but at the end of the day, he loves to cuddle with his master.
Leroy also adores flowers and chocolates. Both can be sent along just for your special recipient's pleasure.

Certificates of adoption are issued 24/7.

  • The messenger is a multi-colored box
  • The message is in the box (MIB)
  • Box painted by local artist
  • Box size: 46cm x 46cm x 46cm / 18" x 18" x 18"
  • Leroy, the panther 110cm x 50cm / 45" 20"
  • Certificate of adoption
  • Small bouquet of flowers (optional)
  • Box of 6 chocolates (optional)
  • "Floragramme" greeting card

Product Code: MIB Panther (L) pt dw

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