Brown Thumb's Plant
Euphorbia Candelabrum House plant

Fast growing Candelabra Euphorbia SAVE---For now don't remove th other text--In will save it somewhere SAVE----Euphorbia candelabrum is a succulent species of plant in the Euphorbiaceae family. Its Latin name derives from its growth habit, often considered to resemble the branching of a candelabrum. Euphorbias are very easy to care for and problem free. They require lots of sunlight and a little pampering to become established, but once they are, they are self-sufficient. In fact, more die from too much care and watering than from neglect.

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  • Euphorbia candelabrum
  • Decorative ceramic pot
  • 48cm x 50cm
  • 19" x 20"

Product Code: Euphorbia candelabrum M