Charming Silver
Silver Philodendron

This plant is commonly confused with the Satin Pothos (Scindapsus Pictus) due to the similar colouring and leaf-shape of either plant. The Philodendron Silver has slightly smaller leaves than the Satin Pothos, and its markings take the form of dotted splashes of silver as opposed to Satin’s more splotchy markings. Otherwise, the plants are difficult to distinguish from one another. Philodendron Silver does not like overly moist soil, so owners should wait for soil to dry to at least half of its depth between each watering as a minimum; the more shade there is, the less the Philodendron Silver needs to be watered. A pot with drainage holes and a finely textured soil will help in regulating drainage. Philodendron Silver likes bright but indirect light, making it a great addition to corners of sunny rooms or hanging baskets beneath window sills.

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